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Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment


Come and join us in using this ACIM STUDY GUIDE

for "A BETTER WAY" to 

~ Inspire the mind, Use it, Share it and Rest it in God ~

Principles of Miracles -- Review 31-40

Principle 31: Miracles should inspire gratitude, not awe. You should thank God for what you really are. The children of God are holy and the miracle honors their holiness, which can be hidden but never lost. T-1.I.31:1

Q: Is awe appropriate for miracles?

A: No, awe is inappropriate for miracles because a state of awe is worshipful, implying that one of a lesser order stands before his Creator. Awe should be reserved for God and revelation. T-1.II.3:2-3

Q: Why is Jesus entitled to your devotion?

A: Jesus is an elder brother with greater experience and wisdom and is devoted to you. T-1.II.3:7-8

Q: What is the difference between you and Jesus?

A: There is nothing about Jesus that you cannot attain. He has nothing that does not come from God, nor do you -- though you appear to. His state of purity is only potential in you. T-1.II.3:7-13

Q: How should you live on this earth?

A: You should live so as to demonstrate that you are not an ego. All the characteristics attributed to the ego (impatience, anger, frustration, confusion, unhappiness, tiredness, distress, tension, rudeness, even the slightest irritation) should not hold sway with you, even if you are tired or hungry from the day. Be kind, no matter what. T-4.VI.6.3 Try it; it is easier and simpler to follow spirit.

Q: What is the only gift Jesus wants?

A: Gratitude to your brother. If you are grateful to your brother, you are grateful to God for what He created. Through gratitude you come to know your brother. To know one brother is to know them all. You cannot love or know, what or whom you do not appreciate. T-4.VI.7:2-4, T-6.I.17:3

Q: What great service can you render your brothers?

A: You can remember Jesus and God for them. Through this remembrance, you can change their minds about themselves. Then they will no longer be afraid of who they are, and will no longer be afraid of love! Your mind is so powerful a light that you can look into the mind of your brothers and enlighten them, even as Jesus can enlighten your mind. T-7.V.10:6

Q: What is the way out of fear?

A: Joining the Atonement is the way out of fear. The Holy Spirit will help you reinterpret everything that you perceive as fearful, and teach you that only what is loving is true. T-5.IV.1:1-3

Q: Is it selfish to just pray for one brother?

A: No, for to pray for one brother is to pray for them all – the entire Sonship!

Q: What is the healer’s prayer?

A: “Let me know this brother as I know myself.” It is impossible to know him otherwise.

Q: What is the meaning of “turn the other cheek”?

A: You cannot be hurt, and do not want to show your brother anything except your wholeness. Show him that he cannot hurt you and hold nothing against him, or you hold it against yourself. This is the meaning of “turning the other cheek.” T-5.IV.4:1-3

Q: What is the meaning of “blasphemy”?

A: Profane or contemptuous speech, writing, or action concerning God or divinity. God’s Sons are perfect. To see them otherwise is blasphemous. See them only as whole and happy. T-10.V.12:1-6

Principle 32: I (Jesus) inspire all miracles, which are really intercessions. They intercede for your holiness and make your perceptions holy. By placing you beyond the physical laws they raise you into the sphere of celestial order. In this order you are perfect. T-1.I:32:1-4

Q: Since miracles occur “in time” do they reflect the laws of time?

A: No, since the miracle aims at restoring the awareness of reality, it would not be useful if it were bound by laws that govern the error it aims to correct. Miracles reflect the laws of eternity. T-1.III.9:4

Q: What does “No man cometh unto the Father but by me” mean?

A: Without Jesus the distance between God and man would be too great to encompass. T-1.II.4:4

Q: What is Jesus’ part in the Atonement?

A: His part is to cancel all errors you could not otherwise correct. T-1.III.1:1:4 He is your safety net.

Q: How is the Atonement accepted within you?

A: Only by releasing the inner light. Do not defend against the Atonement. It is the Plan to release the true you!!! T-2.III.1:1-2

Q: When do you become part of the Atonement?

A: When you have been restored to the recognition of your original state, when all your errors have been corrected and fear is undone. Then you join the great crusade to undo errors wherever you find them. T-1.III.1:5-6 Jesus will show you which miracles to perform, and for whom.

Q: What is the natural state of every Son of God?

A: "GRACE* is the natural environment of God’s Son. Otherwise, everything is a STRAIN. T-7.XI.2:1-3

*Grace – the acceptance of the love of God in a world of seeming hate and fear.'

Q: Did you know . . . ?

A: That “the ego is the self-appointed mediator of all relationships, making whatever adjustments it deems necessary and interposing them between those who would meet, to keep them separate and prevent their union? This studied interference makes it difficult for you to recognize your holy relationship for what it is. The holy do not interfere with truth, for in it is their holiness. T-20.III.2,3

Q: So what actually happens when you deny God?

A: You deny yourself everything, whereas God denies you nothing. Leave ego gifts and relationships out; let God’s gifts and relationships in – and know Heaven. T-7.XI.3:9-11

Q: How do you look upon the body?

A: The body is looked upon with judgment, thus you lack vision. No one who loves can judge. T-20.VII

Q: What is easier to recognize than truth?

A: Nothing. Truth is the recognition that is immediate, clear and natural. T-7.XI.5:7-8

Q: Why does recognizing truth appear to be so difficult then?

A: Because you have trained yourself not to recognize it. God will open the gates to truth for you and for your brothers. Just ask Him. Ask Him now. ☺ T-7.XI.5:9 And be sure to listen to His Answer.

Q: Who is welcome in Heaven?

A: All are welcome in Heaven where GOD IS. T-13.VIII.9:1,4-9;10:5-7

Principle 33: Miracles honor you because you are lovable. They dispel illusions about yourself and perceive the light in you. They thus atone for your errors by freeing you from your nightmares. By releasing your mind from the imprisonment of your illusions, they restore your sanity. T-1.I.33:1-4

Q: How do miracles praise God through you? How do they heal?

A: Miracles praise God by honoring His creations, affirming their perfection. They heal by denying body-identification and affirm spirit-identification. T-1-29.1-3

Q: What is a fitting gift for your brothers?

A: Give only honor to the Sons of the living God, and count yourself among them gladly. Give God’s Sons the appreciation God accords them always, because in them He is well pleased. T-7.VII.5:8,6:1-3

Q: How can you know your own perfection?

A: You cannot – until you have honored all those created like you. T-7.VII.6:4-6

Q: How must you see yourself and your brothers, then?

A: As the work of God, and His work is wholly lovable and wholly loving, what you are. T-1.III.2:3-4

Q: What is the ego’s voice?

A: An hallucination. If you do not want it, it will be removed from your mind for you. ☺ T-8.1.2:1-6

Q: How do I rid myself of illusions?

A: Withdraw all investment in them and put them out of your mind. T-7.VII.4:1-6

Q: How does Jesus overcome the world?

A: Not through attack; his light dispels the world by shining it away. Jesus and his light go with you wherever you go, so his light becomes his and yours. T-8.IV.2:8-13

Q: Is it true? Do all things work together for good?

A: Good is the only direction in which things can work. No matter how far man “falls” the only way is still “up.” Whatever happens, you still are God’s Son. You are still in Heaven. T-4.V.Ego-Body Illusion. When dark is laid aside, the mind then has only one direction (light) in which it can move. T-4.II.10:4

Principle 34: Miracles restore the mind to its fullness. By atoning for lack they establish perfect protection. The spirit’s strength leaves no room for intrusions. T-1.I.34:1-3

Q: Where is the Holy Spirit in the mind?

A: In the part of the mind that lies between the ego and the spirit, mediating between them always in favor of the spirit. To the ego this is partiality. To spirit this is truth. The spirit cannot conceive of a part of itself from which it is excluded. Since spirit is not ego, ego cannot “be” at all. T-7.IX.1:4-7

Q: How does being retain the knowledge of itself?

A: By extending. Spirit yearns to share God, to extend His Being as His only function. T-7.IX.2,3

Q: Why do you not know your joy?

A: Because you do not know your own Self as full. Invite all. Welcome all. Create. T-7.IX.3,4

Q: Why is there peace in the Kingdom?

A: The full appreciation of the mind’s Self-fullness makes selfishness impossible and extension inevitable in the Kingdom. Spirit is fulfilling, and only complete fulfillment is peace. T-7.IX.3,4:6-8

Q: Can spiritual vision see error?

A: Spiritual vision literally cannot see error and only looks for Atonement, seeing past error to truth. If you see error, brother, you are looking with worldly sight, and that is projection! See only truth, and then extend it . . . T-2.III.4:1-7

Q: Can you understand yourself alone?

A: No, you have no meaning apart from your rightful place in the Sonship, which is in God. This is your life, your eternity and your Self. This is what the Holy Spirit sees as you; therefore, this is what you are – you are so calm that it baffles the ego. T-5.III.8:1-4 Alone it is also impossible to know Him. You will know Him by His works through you. T-14.XI.14:7-8,15:1-6

Q: What is the ego’s greatest enemy?

A: PEACE. War is the guarantee of the ego’s survival. Look to the Holy Spirit for your survival through peace. T-5.III.8:5-13

Principle 35: Miracles are expressions of love, but they may not always have observable effects. T-1.I.35:1

Q: Why is there no order of difficulty in miracles?

A: Miracles are expressions of love and all expressions of love are maximal, regardless of the form they may take in this world. To love, one form is not harder or bigger than another. T-1.I.1:1-4

Q: What is the real miracle in miracles?

A: The real miracle is the love that inspires them. Everything that comes from love is a miracle. T-1.I.3

Q: From where do miracles arise?

A: Miracles arise from a mind that is ready for them and are drawn to a mind that is ready for them. Like attracts like. The miracle mind goes out to everyone, even without the awareness of the miracle worker himself and may have effects on your brothers that you may not recognize and that is also not your concern. The impersonal nature of miracle-mindedness insures your grace and miracles will always bless you! T-1.I.43,45, T-1.III.7:1,8:5

Q: What is the blessing of miracle-mindedness?

A: “May the mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus.” This asks that you may think like Jesus, joining him in Christ thinking. T-5.1:3:3-6

Q: Does the miracle need to await the right-mindedness or the miracle-mindedness of the recipient?

A: No, its purpose is to restore the recipient to his right mind. Yet the miracle worker must be in his right mind, or he will be unable to re-establish right-mindedness in someone else. T-2.V.3:1-5

Q: As a miracle worker, can you endanger your understanding?

A: You can, yet only if you rely on your own readiness. You must remain unconcerned about your readiness, and simply rely on the readiness of Jesus. Say “no” to doubt and “yes” to Jesus. Of the two, which is stronger and more likely to know your readiness? Rightmindedness is healing. Stay in your right mind. It will save time. Miracles save time. The Holy Spirit is your motivation for miracle-mindedness, the decision to heal the separation by letting it go. T-2.V.4:1-5, T-5.II.1:1-3

Q: What was the mind like before the separation?

A: The mind had no calling until the separation, because before that it had only being, and would not have understood the call to right thinking by the Holy Spirit. The principle of Atonement and the separation began at the same time. When the ego was made, God placed in the mind the call to joy. T-5.II.2:2-5, T-5.II.3:1-6

Q: Is the Holy Spirit in you in a very literal sense? Is God?

A: Yes to the first, no to the second. The Holy Spirit is the Voice That calls you back to where you were before and will be again. It is possible even in this world to hear only that Voice and no other. Yet God is NOT in you in a literal sense; you are part of Him. T-5.II.3:7-11, T-5.II.5:5-7

Q: Who is your Guide in choosing, generally and specifically?

A: The Holy Spirit is your Guide in choosing. He is in the part of your mind that always speaks for the right choice, because He speaks for God. The Holy Spirit is the way in which God’s Will is done on earth as it is in Heaven. T-5.II.8:1-4

Q: How can you become increasingly aware of the Holy Spirit in you except by His effects?

A: If you inspire joy and others react to you with joy, even though you are not experiencing joy yourself there must be something in you that is capable of producing it. You must therefore be dissociating it in yourself. T-9.VI.1:1-3

Q: How do you escape from everything you have taught yourself in the past?

A: The Atonement teaches you only what you are now. T-14.XI.3:1-3 Refuse to continue to teach yourself what you do not know and let the Guide Whom God has given you speak to you and for you.

Q: What do you know?

A: Nothing. When you are wholly free of fear of any kind; if all those who meet or even think of you share in your perfect peace; you can be sure you have learned God’s lesson and not your own. This will be the test by which you recognize that you have understood – GOD IS. T-14.XI.12:1-3,5:1-2

Principle 36: Miracles are examples of right thinking, aligning your perceptions with truth as God created it. T-1.I.36

Q: How could the mind have ever made the ego?

A: When you threw knowledge away it is as if you never had it. The ego is an idea and not a fact. Yet it seems very real to the mind that made it in the absence of knowledge. T-4.II.2:1-6,T-4.II.3:1-6

Q: What is the loftiest idea of which the ego is capable?

A: Belief that there is another way of perceiving. T-4.II.4:7-11 The ego perceives itself as being rejected by something greater than itself. T-4.II.8:5-8

Q: What is the ego?

A: The ego is the mind’s belief that it is completely on its own. T-4.II.8:1-4

Q: Is there a reason to be patient a while? If so, what is that reason?

A: Yes, be patient, remember the outcome is as certain as God. T-4.II.5:1-8

Q: What is the “battle for survival”?

A: It is the ego’s struggle to preserve itself, and its interpretation of its own beginning. T-4.II.9:3-7

Q: Is correcting perception a permanent ”fix”?

A: Correcting perception is merely a temporary expedient because misperception is a block to knowledge, while accurate perception is a stepping-stone toward it. We come to the inevitable realization that all perception is unnecessary, which removes the block entirely. T-4.II.11:12

Q: What does “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” really mean? T-4.III.1:1-6

A: “Within” is unnecessary. The Kingdom of Heaven is you. This is the message of the Atonement.

Principle 37: A miracle is a correction introduced into false thinking by me (Jesus). It acts as a catalyst, breaking up erroneous perception and reorganizing it properly. This places you under the Atonement principle, where perception is healed. Until this has occurred, knowledge of the Divine Order is impossible. T-1.I.37:1-4

Q: What is the true indiscriminateness of the miracle?

A: The miracle makes no distinction among degrees of misperception. An error is an error. The miracle is a device for perception-correction, effective quite apart from either the degree or the direction of the error. T-1.49.1-3 Form, size and intensity of error are all irrelevant.

Q: How does corrective learning begin?

A: It begins with the awakening of spirit, and the turning away from the belief in physical sight. This often entails fear, because you are afraid of what your spiritual sight will show you. T-2.V.7:1-2 Yet spirit is in the state of grace forever, so it can only show you what is happy. ☺

Q: Why does fear appear?

A: Fear is always a sign of strain, arising when what you want conflicts with what you do. When there is fear, it is because you have not made up your mind. Your mind is therefore split, and your behavior inevitably becomes erratic. T-2.VI.5:1-10

Q: How do you correct fear?

A: Correcting at the behavioral level can shift the error, but it will not obliterate the fear. The mind must be shown how to see the situation differently, in the light, to correct the hidden error causing conflict of mind and behavior. Nothing the Holy Spirit sees can induce fear. Look with Him. T-2.V.7:3-8

Q: Why does the fear of healing arise?

A: It is from an unwillingness to accept unequivocally (without doubt) that healing is necessary. What the physical eye sees is not corrective, nor can error be corrected by any device that can be seen physically. As long as you believe in what your physical sight tells you, your attempts at correction will be misdirected. T-2.V.8:1-3 Though symptoms may be temporarily reduced, they will not heal. You must get to the root cause (hidden error) to heal the effect. How? Through Holy Spirit showing you.

Q: Why does guilt arise?

A: You will feel guilty until you learn the Atonement because in the end, whatever form it takes, your guilt arises from your failure to fulfill your function in God’s Mind with ALL of yours. T-14.IV.3:4-9

Q: So -- what is your only function on earth?

A: The Atonement and its principle of love is your only function on earth. T-14.IV.3:4-9 Atonement is not needed in Heaven where all is One.

Q: What is the resurrection?

A: The resurrection is the complete triumph of Christ over the ego, not by attack but by transcendence.* Christ rises above the ego and all its works, and ascends to the Father and His Kingdom. T-11.VI.1:1-7 The dream appears no longer and you are Home.

*transcendence: existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level

Q: What does this statement mean? “God created man in his own image and likeness.”

A: “Image” can mean “thought,” and likeness” can mean “of a like quality. So God created spirit in His Own Thought and of a quality like to His Own. Note: It says God created “spirit” not “man.” T-3.V.7:1-3

Q: What happens to perceptions if there are no judgments, nothing but the perfect equality of truth?

A: Perception becomes impossible then. Truth can only be known. Knowledge transcends all the laws governing perception. It is one and has no separate parts. Know yourself and your knowledge is complete. To know God’s miracle (yourself) is to know Him. T-3.V.8:1-9 Remember, you still cannot know you are one with Him until you have attained the state of guiltlessness. T-14.IV.2

Q: How is this properly stated: “Many are called but few are chosen”?

A: Properly stated, this should be: “All are called but few choose to listen.” Therefore they do not choose right. The “chosen ones” are merely those who choose right sooner. T-3.IV.7:12-1

Principle 38: The Holy Spirit is the mechanism of miracles. He recognizes both God’s creations and your illusions. He separates the true from the false by His ability to perceive totally rather than selectively. T-1.I.38:1-3

Q: What does it mean that the Holy Spirit was “called down upon the earth” after Jesus ascended?

A: It means that it is now possible to accept Him and to hear His Voice, the Voice for God. C-6.1:1-4

Q: Where does the Holy Spirit abide?

A: He abides in the part of your mind that is part of the Christ Mind. He speaks for you and for God, as He is joined with both. And therefore it is He Who proves them one. C-6.3:1,4:1-4

Q: Is the body in danger in the world?

A: The body is endangered only by the mind that hurts itself. The body suffers just in order that the mind will fail to see it is the victim of itself. It is a mask the mind holds up to hide what really suffers. It would not understand it is its own enemy; that it attacks itself and wants to die. Yet this cannot be true as there is NO LOSS under the laws of God. The body is safe and protected by the mind that knows the Holy Spirit. Hold your mind in silent readiness to hear His Voice. W-76.5:2-5,6:1,9:1-2

Q: How does your mind know to follow Jesus and the Holy Spirit?

A: You must accept guidance from within. The guidance must be what you want, or it will be meaningless to you. That is why healing is a collaborative venture. Jesus can tell you what to do, the Holy Spirit can guide you, but you must collaborate with Them by trusting that They know what you should do. Only then will your mind choose to follow Them. TRUST, then, is the KEY. T-8.IV.4:6-10

Q: How is the separation overcome?

A: Healing reflects your joint will with Jesus and is the way in which the separation is overcome. Separation is overcome by union. It cannot be overcome by continually separating. T-8.IV.5:1,3-5

Q: What is the world? Where is it?

A: The world you perceive is a world of separation. The world you made is therefore totally chaotic, governed by arbitrary and senseless “laws,” and is without meaning of any kind. It is made out of what you do not want, which is projected from your mind because you are afraid of it. Yet the world is only in the mind of its maker, along with his real salvation. Only by recognizing where it is will you gain control over it. You have control over your mind, since the mind is the mechanism of decision. T-12.III.9:1,6-10 The power of decision is your one remaining freedom as a prisoner of this world. T-12.VII.9:1

Q: Do you respond to anything directly?

A: No, you respond to your interpretation of it, which becomes the justification for your response. Analyzing the motives of others can be very hazardous to you. If you believe it, you will see it – yet it is only an interpretation, not the truth. This makes errors seem real. Be very wary of this. Everything you behold without is a judgment of what you behold within (projection). T-12.I.1:4-7,T-12.VIII.12

Q: What is the value of the body?

A: Of itself it has none. The Holy Spirit interprets the body only as a means of communication. The ego separates through the body. The Holy Spirit reaches through it to others. T-8.VII.2:1-7

Q: What is true and what is false?

A: You have accepted both into your mind without distinction. Atonement brings a re-evaluation of everything you cherish, for it is the means by which the Holy Spirit can separate the false and the true. T-13.IX.4:1 Every loving thought is true. Everything else is an appeal for healing and help, REGARDLESS OF THE FORM IT TAKES. T-12.I.3:1-10

Q: How does the Holy Spirit separate the true from the false?

A: Whatever is in accord with the light He retains, to strengthen the Kingdom in you. What is partly in accord with it He accepts and purifies. What is out of accord entirely He rejects by judging against. This is how he keeps the Kingdom perfectly consistent and perfectly unified. T-6.V.C.1:2-6

Q: What is Oneness?

A: Oneness is simply the idea God is. And in His Being, He encompasses all things. No mind holds anything but Him. God is your Source, Sustenance, Will, Truth, Peace, your Love, your Life and your Eternity. Eternity remains a constant state. Thus, the world of time has never been at all. W-169.1-3

Q: Why can you never forget the Father?

A: Because of your Father’s Love you can never forget Him. No one can forget what God Himself placed in his memory. You can deny it, but you cannot lose it. A Voice will answer every question you ask, and a vision will correct the perception of everything you see. What you have made invisible is the only truth, and what you have not heard is the only Answer. God did not abandon you in your distress. You are waiting only for Him, and do not know it. Yet His memory shines in your mind and cannot be obliterated. It is no more past than future, being forever always. T-12.VIII.4:1-8

Principle 39: The miracle dissolves error because the Holy Spirit identifies error as false or unreal. This is the same as saying that by perceiving light, darkness automatically disappears. T-1.I.39:1-2

Q: What recognition is your firm beginning?

A: That you do not know the meaning of anything you perceive. That not one thought you hold is wholly true. That you are not misguided; rather you have accepted no guide at all. T-11.VIII.3:1-4

Q: When did the principle of Atonement and the separation begin, respectively.

A: They began at the same time. When the ego was made, God placed in the mind the call to joy. God only asks that you listen to it. T-5.II.3:1-6

Q: Why is the Holy Spirit the perfect teacher?

A: He uses only what your mind already understands to teach you that you do not truly understand it. The Holy Spirit can deal with a reluctant learner without going counter to his mind, because part of it is still for God, and this part is much stronger than the ego. T-5.III.10:1-4

Q: What is the first step toward freedom?

A: The first step is a sorting of the false from the true, of illusion from reality. It is a separation in the constructive sense. At the same time, the mind will inevitably disown its miscreations which, without belief, will no longer exist. T-2.VIII.4:1-5 Only the creations of light are real. Everything else is your own nightmare and does not exist. T-1.I.24:4,3

Q: Where are you at home?

A: You are not at home except in God's peace. If peace is eternal, you are at home only in eternity. T-5.III.10:6-7

Q: Would you rather be right or be happy? Can you be both?

A: The ego (illusion) would prefer always to be “right.” Yet the truth of you (spirit in the state of grace forever) will always be happy. God’s Will for you is perfect happiness. The choice to judge rather than to know (to be “right” instead of be happy) is the cause of the loss of peace. T-3.VI.2:1

Q: What is your salvation?

A: Your will - because it is the same as God’s. The separation is the belief that your will is different from God's. T-9.I.7:8-9

Q: Can you be tired?

A: It seems that you can. You are not really capable of being tired, but you are very capable of wearying yourself from the strain of constant judgment. T-3.VI.5:1-9

Q: What is the cause of defensiveness?

A: You become defensive when identifying with an illusion. The truth needs no defense. T-22.V.6:1

Q: Can you attack a brother?

A: You cannot. Only the different can attack. Because you and your brother are not different, you cannot attack. Thus the appearance of an “attack” is an illusion; it is a call for love! T-22.VI.13.1-4

Q: What causes the meaning of your brothers to be lost to you?

A: You have no idea of the tremendous release and deep peace that comes from meeting yourself and your brothers totally without judgment. Judging them in any way is without meaning. Their meaning is lost to you precisely because you are judging them. So just accept your brothers and recognize them with love and appreciation and judge them not. Life will be more peaceful that way. T-3.VI.3:1-6

Q: Can you do anything Jesus asks?

A: Jesus has asked you to perform miracles, and he has made it clear that miracles are natural, corrective, healing and universal. There is nothing they cannot do, but they cannot be performed in the spirit of doubt or fear. So you must respond to the same Mind as Jesus does to do what he asks. T-2.II.1:1-14, T-5.II.12:1

Q: What do you do when you are tempted by the wrong voice?

A: Call on Jesus to remind you how to heal by sharing his decision for God and making it stronger. Join with him, as his message is Light. T-5.II.11:1-4

Principle 40: The miracle acknowledges everyone as your brother and mine. It is a way of perceiving the universal mark of God. T-1.I.40:1-2

Q: Are sadness, anxiety and guilt necessary in this world?

A: No, they need not be. Be vigilant against the ego, and be vigilant for spirit and joy. T-4.IV.all

Q: When a brother is sent to you by the Holy Spirit for help, how much help should be given him?

A: The Bible says you should go with a brother twice as far as he asks. So listen to him and see what he appears to need. Then ask yourself: “How much help will I appreciate if I am the one sent, and in what form will I appreciate it?” Let the Holy Spirit answer the question with you and guide you. Remember, your brother may have “hidden” needs some of which even he may be unaware. These the Holy Spirit will show also, as you are only here to be TRULY helpful as GOD IS.

This completes the third (of four) Reviews of the Miracle Principles.