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Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment


Come and join us in using this ACIM STUDY GUIDE

for "A BETTER WAY"‚Äč to 

~ Inspire the mind, Use it, Share it and Rest it in God ~

Clarification of Terms -- Forgiveness - The Face of Christ (recap)

  1. Nothing God created needs forgiveness, being already created perfect. So forgiveness is only needed for illusions, or for misperceptions and miscreations of the mind. You perceive a situation (often perceived as an "attack"), judge it as real (it only seems real to the "unknowing"), you then take offense, adopt a grievance, and an entire cycle of events including guilt are established. Something is needed to correct the initial misperception that started the downward spiral of unforgiveness, and to reroute the downward spiral upward to the truth. Somehow the gap must be bridged between the misperception and the truth. between the perception of an attack, and what the "attacker" is really doing.
  2. For the "unknowing" to consider aligning their will with God's is not a reasonable solution at this point, because they fear losing their "autonomy." So rather than simply return to God in peace, the "unknowing" need a temporary stopgap to keep them from "losing it' altogether. Forgiveness is that stopgap. The form adapts itself to the need.
  3. The Son of God who is "unknowing" must be taught to see that the "offense" or attack never really happened in truth, that the offense was not real -- it was merely a misguided attempt of the "offender" to call for love. It was the reaching out of one brother to another as a call for help, not as a call for condemnation and unforgiveness. The more misguided the attempt for the call for love, the more desperate the call for love is -- yet the more annoying and irritating it can also be, for those who are bent on seeing it as a disruption of their peace or as a reason for counter-attack.
  4. But for those who are aligned with God, the call for love -- no matter how desperate the form in which it appears -- is actually an opportunity to be truly helpful to a brother. This is an opportunity that simply must not be passed by, because it was given to you by the Holy Spirit Himself, because He knows you are able to help this brother. You were especially selected for this by Him Who knows your heart because no one comes to you for help by accident. So you turn to the Holy Spirit and ask "What would you have me say or do to help this brother?" It may be to pray for the brother as you hie to the hills --or something much deeper.
  5. So unless you are so guided, do not hasten and rush in to solve the situation as you best see fit. Instead ask Him how you can help this brother. And listen carefully, for what He will tell you will aid in bringing the situation to the truth of love, and that is the goal for both you and your brother. The peace you will both experience, and the joining, will be well worth the attention you give it.
  6. So forgiveness is an illusion -- with a difference. It is for the purpose of the Holy Spirit to lead God's Son away from error. It is the only illusion that does not lead to other illusions, but leads you and your brother to the truth. It is the only thing still in the world in part, and yet the bridge to Heaven.
  7. The face of Christ is the great symbol of forgiveness. It is the symbol of the real world and it is just one step away from the gate of Heaven. Whoever looks on this no longer sees the world of ego. Look for the face of Christ in your brother, and rejoice when you see it.
  8. Forgiveness is a symbol, too, but as the symbol of His Will alone, it cannot be divided. And so it reflects the Unity that becomes His Will. Recognizing a call of love from a brother, and helping him to know God's love, is a holy endeavor of unity at the very least. It will bring you both closer to remembering God.
  9. How lovely the world will look in just that single instant when you see the truth about yourself and your brother reflected there. And forgiveness will lead you to this. Awaken, then, and return your mind to its Creator, and understand the truth of your brother, your Self, and of God. AMEN

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