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Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment


Come and join us in using this ACIM STUDY GUIDE

for "A BETTER WAY" to 

~ Inspire the mind, Use it, Share it and Rest it in God ~

Workbook Review Lessons 295-301

Lesson 295: The Holy Spirit looks through me today.

In this lesson, Christ asks a gift of you. He asks that He may use your eyes, and thus redeem the world. This tells you immediately that using Christ’s vision, instead of your worldly sight, is very, very important in the idea of redemption. He asks this gift that He may offer peace of mind to you, and take away all terror and all pain. This, too, is ultra-important to you. As terror and pain are removed from you, the dreams (illusions) that seemed to settle on the world are gone, vanished without a trace! As you are saved, the world is saved with you, for all the world must be redeemed as one. In the place of dreams of fear will now be love. Fear appears in many different forms, but love is one.

Does releasing all dreams of fear, to love, sound like a worthy exchange? If so, then let the Holy Spirit look through you. Let Him bathe the world with eyes of LOVE through you. Walk through every day with this one purpose: to let God’s love and light shine through you in every situation, in every encounter, in every thought, word and deed. Allow the Holy Spirit to bless all things which you look upon. You are the light of the world. This is what your life is all about here. This is why you are here: to heal yourself and all the world along with you.

Lesson 296: The Holy Spirit speaks through me today.

Even as the Holy Spirit uses your eyes to bless the world with love, so does He also use your voice to bring joy and solace to a world fraught with anxiety and fear. He asks you to resolve to let Him speak through you, for only His words are true, only His words carry the light to awaken all minds including yours! As you speak His words, you will learn as you teach. So as you save the world, you will be saving yourself. Save yourself; save the world. Is that a worthy reason to let Him speak through you? The Holy Spirit will gladly rescue you from all that you made with the ego, when you allow His teaching to persuade the world, through you, to will and thus to find the easy path to God.

Lesson 297: Forgiveness is the only gift I give.

Speaking of the easy path to God, forgiveness is it! Let forgiveness be the only gift you GIVE, then, because it is the only gift you WANT. Everything you give, you give to yourself. This is salvation’s simple formula. With forgiveness you see beyond your brother’s body, his personality, and even beyond your perception of all that he has ever said or done or not said or not done – to the pure Son of God, the perfection that God created. As you see your brother’s perfection, you will see your own.

When what you perceive in your brother is perfection, he will reflect your own perfection, and you will see the Son of God in you both. It is a simple formula. And since this is what you want, give only this, that you may have this gift of seeing truly as yours. The gift is yours for the giving. How easy is it, then? Give and receive. It is very easy.


Father, how certain are Your ways; how sure their final outcome, and how faithfully is every step in my salvation set already, and accomplished by Your grace. Thank You for Your eternal gifts. Amen.

Lesson 298: I love You, Father, and I love Your Son.

“My gratitude permits my love to be accepted without fear.” (1:1) Gratitude and love go hand in hand. In Lesson 195, Jesus says “Love is the way I walk in gratitude.” As you walk in the way of love and gratitude, forgiveness will remove all blockages that previously intruded upon your holy sight. And as you draw near the end of senseless journeys, mad careers and the artificial values of the darkness of this world, you will accept instead God’s gift of holy sanctuary, and you will escape from everything that would obscure your love for God your Father and His holy Son. The way is clear for you now.

Lesson 299: Eternal holiness abides in me.

Your holiness is far beyond your own ability to understand or know. Yet God, your Father, acknowledges your holiness as His! His Word is: “My Son is pure and holy as Myself.” You are as God created you, and as He is holy, His creations are holy. Your will, joined with the Will of the Father, understands this and knows that this is true. Your will, joined as One with His, is Heaven!

The fact is, your holiness is not of you. So it cannot be destroyed by sin or attack or by any thought, word or deed of yours. Though it can be obscured by illusions, nothing in this world can put out the radiance of your holiness, nor even dim its light. The ego uses the idea of guilt to prove to you that you are not holy. And yet, it can be reversed. You can use the idea that you are holy to prove that you are not guilty! So do that. You and the Holy Spirit are in charge, not the ego.

You can know your holiness because it was given to you to be known. It is God’s Will that you know it and that you know Him. And though you may appear to have forgotten both, the Holy Spirit retains the knowledge of God and your holiness, and He will lead you back from perception to the sure knowledge of your perfection in Him. Place your trust in the One Who knows! Let Him show you!

Lesson 300: Only an instant does this world endure.

This statement could be used to prove that all who come to this world will experience death. Yet this is also the idea that this world will be surpassed by knowledge of the real world, where there is not only no death, but no scarcity or lack of anything that the Son of God may want or need. And even the real world will soon be surpassed by Heaven, where the Son of God rests in His serenity.

You have lost your way, but only for a little while. Yet now you are listening to God’s Voice, and learning exactly what to do to be restored to Heaven and to your true Identity. Give thanks that the world endures but for an instant, and go beyond that tiny instant to eternity, to your true home. Let no false perception keep you in its hold today. Accept God’s serenity, unclouded, obvious and sure.

Theme of Relevance 9: What is the Second Coming?

Christ's Second Coming, which is sure as God, is merely the correction of mistakes, and the return of sanity. It is the invitation to God's Word to take illusion's place; the willingness to let forgiveness rest upon all things without exception and without reserve, where everyone is equally released from what he made.. Christ is now restored as one Identity, in Which the Sons of God acknowledge that they all are one. And God smiles upon His Son, His one creation and His only joy.

Lesson 301: And God Himself shall wipe away all tears.

“Father, unless I judge I cannot weep.” Jesus says it all in that one sentence. If you judge the world as condemning and condemned and even if you judge the world as real, then weeping seems to make sense. Therefore, weeping does not come from the world, but from your judgment of the world. When you see that the world with all its wars and illnesses and calamities is NOT REAL, and that it is merely the fabric of your collective ego interpretation and imagination, and that all you thought it was and all that you thought you saw is not real, now weeping make no sense.

So how do you remove your sadness, your hopelessness and your tears? You do it by suspending your belief in the world as you see it. And you do that by letting go of judgment. And that is done by letting the Holy Spirit see the world through you to restore the awareness of truth to your mind. The world you see is false. Look upon God’s world today and be set FREE of all illusions, all fear, all separation, and all tears. Remember this:

God’s world is HAPPY!

If happiness is not what you see – always – then you have let ego judgment enter into your mind and you must now cast it out in favor of the Holy Spirit’s rendering of the world. He will show you the light in everything, for that is what is there in truth. There is no darkness. There are no fears. And so there should also be no tears. Seeing only God’s Love is the happy way to go, and the only true way to go. See God’s Love and you are home! Come -- let us go home to our Father together, as One.