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Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment


Come and join us in using this ACIM STUDY GUIDE

~ Inspire the mind, Use it, Share it and Rest it in God ~

Reflections of Thoughts of Magic -- Coming Soon

In class last Thursday, we began a printout on "Reflections of Thoughts of Magic." It was so helpful to us all that I have been asked to add it to the website. It has a wealth of helpful information for relationships. See below:

For example, how do you know when you are in Spirit or in ego during an interaction? What are the "signs"?

If "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," then is negativity also in the eye of the beholder?

How do you "feel" at the end of your interactions? If you "feel" strong, is that a sure determiner of having responded with Spirit?

If others are expressing a problem, is that only their problem. Does it also reflect your problem? Is there a "problem"?

There will be illustrative stories to accompany the "reflections." They are Course-based and substantiated with quotes.

So I hope you will be on the lookout for this page and join us as we unravel some misperceptions.

Reverend Lori

PS Overheard prayer: God, help make me the person my dog thinks I am.

 Also: God, help me see my brothers as you created them -- and me.